Ladies and gentlemen, this is an emergency, and here is proof WHY there is no time to waste or procrastinate

This is a map of the Great Asian Highway, a multi billion dollar network of corridors partly funded by the Asian Development Bank adb logo

At stake here is who will control the major portion of the trillion dollar tourism industries spanning these 32 countries

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The West's vision, as represented by creative genius DeVictor King Mason,

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provides for volunteers forming online steering committees to decide via consensus how to redistribute these enormous profits.

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Because of the large amounts of money involved and the importance of this opportunity getting out to the public, the West is now offering you unbelievable perks and rewards in this emergency effort to prevent a corporate takeover of tourism development within the Asian Highway Network.

This chart says supporters receive something for each dollar contributed


The East is represented by mega corporations such as those headed by Jack Ma. You already know that Corporate control would seek to maximize corporate profits for share holders while providing multi million dollar bonuses to favored executives. The West would heavily reinvest back into the communities to assist the citizens. 

The West's #1 rival likely is Mr. Jack Ma, one of China's richest men, whose internet business with 279 million active buyers, is larger than Amazon, Cisco & eBay combined. Because Mr. Ma recently received a record breaking 23 Billion dollars on Wall Street, the West must immediately release this software into the public to prevent the East from taking over the project.

If you in the West accept the Perks & Rewards offered, and immediately recruit & mobilize volunteer steering committes composed of  participants representing each country, you not only guarantee employment to millions of impoverished Asian Highway Network average citizens but stop the East in their tracks.

With your membership on the steering committees of your favorite countries, you join the fight against corporate control of the trillion dollars expected to be spent along the Asian Highway Network. 

You can opt to help form teams in 1-Africa if Asia does not interest you. Or, join to help both.

Remember, each dollar is accounted for and you will receive something for eachskype of your dollars donated.


Our man has had to change his appearance, because many on both sides who have seen his Philippines Demo Project want to silence him but use his research results to come up with their own schemes and software to control these billions of tourism dollars not only in Asia but also in Africa.


Tell everyone you know who loves to travel or who works in tourism to see this, especially if something happens to him.

Your donations will fund Mason's return to India, where he'll hire & supervise software experts to complete and launch the final coding that allows supporters to reap the trememdous perks & rewards shown before.

He will also establish a backup center in Dhaka, Bangladesh and is 100% responsible for doing whatever is required to guarantee its success.

ETA: June 2015

Questions?  DoctorMason.Freelancer

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The economic incomes of millions of citizens in Asia and Africa are affected by how much you donate right now, so the West can complete and launch the software before Mason is possibly silenced forever.

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As usual, should anything bad happen to DeVictor Mason, Mr. Kerry and the U.S.  State Department will disavow any knowledge of his activities.